Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TOM says - The Unit is nothing without Jonas!

There's just something about The Unit. In the first season we ended up watching it because we didn't have any conflicts in the timeslot and loved the themesong ("How to Find the Mother's Laugh"). But after about 3 or 4 episodes, we found we were hooked. Last season's finale was amazing, and this was a MUCH anticipated premiere - check out the Top of Mind below...

Overall - what did you think of the season premiere?
Loved it - the rhythm, the raw, gritty way that David Mamet weaves together the storylines. And I love the way it still feels like the team is on a mission. Love.

What was the most interesting moment?
The cliffhanger at the end - I admit, there's no WAY I'll miss next week.

What was the most annoying moment?
Really? Molly and Tiff are going to go to the evil Colonel's wife for help?? No way I buy that Molly is that stupid. It simply isn't possible.

What was the most unbelievable moment?
What??! They changed the themesong!!? Absolutely and without a doubt this was the most disappointing moment of the night - now it's some totally forgettable crap about 'secrets'. That song defined the show and stuck with me for hours afterwards. It defined the entire tone of the show. Unbelievable.

At the end of this episode, who were your favorite and least favorite characters?
Duh -who doesn't love Jonas? Dennis Haysbert is amazing - and don't you believe for a SECOND that Bob would have found Jonas in Panama unless he wanted to be found! Least favorite was a close race for most of the episode between Kim and the Colonel's evil wife (who I hate so much I won't even refer to her character by name). Kim redeemed herself somewhat at the end - so evil wifey it is!!

Any lingering questions?
Is Bob playing a game or what? I think he's too loyal to the Unit, but then again he's such a damn boyscout who can tell! ?

Overall Grade: A-

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