Sunday, July 01, 2007

Welcome to Naked Insight!

So I’ve been struggling for a while around blogging and how to focus my thoughts. I’ve been thinking through those things that I care about the most – what really sparks my passion. I’ve been going back and forth between new media, movies, tv, animation, branding… those things that get me excited from both a personal and professional perspective. See, I’m both a professional working in the entertainment & new media industries, AND a total media junkie who wants to talk about popular culture and the stuff that I love (and hate).

What has become clear to me is that the naked core of what I care about is the audience.

When I was in college (about a billion years ago), I took a graduate class in media statistics. We learned to use massive computers to perform statistical analysis around consumer engagement with movie and tv marketing. I LOVED it. Cause and effect. We do this, you do that. Brilliant! Then, I got interested in the 'why'. WHY did you do that? And that was when I learned about focus testing doing research with college students to find out what made them respond or not respond to advertising messages in the college paper (I was a Sales Account Exec at the time). And I thought - WOW - if you ask people what they think, they will actually tell you! Amazing!

That was the beginning of the fall for me – really thinking about behavior. The difference between what people think they will do, what they say they will do, and what they ACTUALLY do. Some people might think it an odd combination that I am both a member of the Producer’s Guild and also the Web Analytics Association, but to me it just makes sense. I’ve just gotta KNOW what makes consumers have to have the next big thing, why audiences laugh or cry, how marketers succeed or fail at reaching them, and how Producers create the experiences that keep ‘em coming back for more.

So welcome to Naked Insight. It’s naked cuz I’m stripping to the core of what audiences love and hate, and what companies are doing to reach them. I hope you like it and keep coming back for more. J

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